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main DT14xxET


DT14xxET 4 Ch Reversible Desktop High Voltage Power Supply Family

  • 4 independent HV channels in a fully Desktop form factor
  • Channel polarity independently selectable
  • SHV coaxial output connectors
  • Common floating return
  • Very Low Ripple
  • Under/overvoltage alert, overcurrent and max. voltage protection
  • 2.8'' color touch screen display
  • Local and Remote control (USB2.0/Ethernet)
  • Interlock logic for unit enable and individual channel kill
child1 DT14xxET
The DT14xxET is a new CAEN Power Supply Family providing 4 independent High Voltage channels in a Desktop form factor. Each channel features an independently selectable polarity and common floating return (common return insulated from the chassis ground). High Voltage oitputs are delivered through SHV connectors. DT14xxET units can be controlled either locally, thanks to a 2.8" touchscreen color LCD display with a complete user interface, or remotely, via USB or Ethernet, taking advantage of the new GECO2020 Control Software. EPICS and LabVIEW are supported.

Different versions are available spanning from 500 V to 8 kV and from 20 µA to 3 mA, meeting the needs of a wide range of applications.

Each unit is provided with Imon Zoom. This feature enhances the current monitoring, increasing the resolution of a x10 or x20 factor according to the specific model.

The HV output Ramp-Up and Ramp-Down rates can be set independently for each channel in the range 1÷500 V/s in 1 V/s steps (1÷50 V/s for DT1419ET).
Model Compare
Maximum Voltage
Maximum Current
Iset/Imon Resolution
Max. Ch. Output Power
500 V
200 µA
5 nA
0.5 nA (Imon Zoom)
100 mW
5.5 kV
300 µA
5 nA
0.5 nA (Imon Zoom)
1.65 W
5.5 kV
20 µA
1 nA
50 pA (Imon Zoom)
10 mW
8 kV
3 mA(*)
50 nA
5 nA (Imon Zoom)
9 W (<3 kV output),
8 W (>3 kV output)
child2 DT14xxET
Safety features
arrow Overvoltage and Undervoltage warning when the output voltage differs from the programmed value.
arrow Programmable hardware VMAX protection limit
arrow Overcurrent detection: when a channel attempts to exceed the programmed current limit, it signaled to be in "overcurrent" and enter in a TRIP status. The output voltage is varied to keep the current below the programmed limit for a programmable TRIP time, then the channel is switched off. If TRIP is set to "INFINITE", the channel behaves like a current generator.
arrow Common Interlock logic for channels enable/disable and individual input signal for channel Kill function.