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main hexagon


Dual Independent 32k Digital MCA

  • Dual 32k Digital MCA & Pulse Processor
  • Provides pulse height analysis (PHA), time-stamped list mode and multichannel scaler (MCS coming soon)
  • Suited for high resolution spectroscopy with HPGe, Silicon detectors and scintillation detectors as Nal and LaBr3
  • Operate with Resistive Feedback and Transistor Reset preamplifier
  • Open access to embedded CPU for custom developments
  • Two HV power supply channels (up to ±5 kV) with HV inhibit (BNC), programmable ramp and accurate parameter monitoring
  • Front panel OLED Display
  • Two DB9 connectors for preamplifier power supply (+-12 V,+-24 V), HV inhibit and temperature read
  • Two BNC inputs for TRP inhibit or ADC gate
  • Ethernet and USB readout interfaces
  • Easy synchronization for Multi-Board systems
  • 24 Programmable Digital I/O
  • Signal Inspector by both BNC Analog Output and Software visualization
Hexagon is a compact, stand-alone dual digital 32k MCA, available in desktop form factor. It is designed for high energy resolution semiconductor detectors, like HPGe and Silicon Drift Detectors, connected to Charge Sensitive Preamplifiers.

Hexagon integrates advanced firmware algorithms operating Digital Pulse Processing for Pulse Height Analysis (PHA). The embedded CPU runs an OS able to execute custom routines for automated operations. The processing algorithms can be easily adapted to different detectors and application ensuring effective data analysis even at high count rates. It provides advanced tools for configuring baseline restoration and pile-up rejection. Moreover the module features on-board spectrum recording, acquisition settings logging and autonomous data acquisition when unconnected from external devices. Thanks to the two input simultaneous acquisition, the module is able to manage coincidence and anti-coincidence logic between detectors, allowing the user, for example, to easily take advantage of background rejection or anti-Compton techniques.

Hexagon embeds I/O connectors for SCA, MCS and Coincidence/ Anticoincidence functions, it integrates High Voltage Inhibit and TRP Inhibit. Clock and Synchronization connectors are provided, which allow the time stamp of multiple modules to be aligned with high accuracy. The module embeds an LCD screen to monitor real time the data acquisition results, e.g. ICR, OCR and dead time. Hexagon may provide at the same time energy, time stamp and the digitized pulse in a configurable time window (e.g. including the rising edge region) in order to perform further offline analysis.

The two high voltage supply channels can be ordered in three different polarity configurations: both channel positive, both channels negative and mixed.
Desktop Package
Desktop Package
Desktop module housed in Metal with hard rubber supports

262 W x 66.2 H x 171.6 L mm³ (without connectors)
262 W x 66.2 H x 195 L mm³ (including connectors)
1400 g
MC² Analyzer (MC²A)
Digital MCA Data Acquisition and Analysis Software
MC²A is a software specifically designed to manage CAEN Digital MCA (DT5770, ? stream, Hexagon and 780/781 family) as well as CAEN digitizers running DPP-PHA (Digital Pulse Processing for the Pulse Height Analysis) firmware, like 724 or 730 family.

It allows the user to set the relevant parameters, to manage the HV channels configuration (x780 and Hexagon only), to collect the spectra and perform mathematical analysis on them, like energy calibration, peak search, background subtraction, peak fitting, etc.

It is designed with multi-channel, multi-board capabilities: it can handle several boards and manage the data acquisition from each of them at the same time.
MC² Analyzer (MC²A) video