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main DT993



  • Manual or pulse triggered START (NIM or ECL input)
  • Monostable (retriggerable) or bistable operation
  • NIM and ECL output pulses from 50 ns to 10 s
  • Manual or pulse triggered RESET
  • (NIM and ECL) END-MARKER output pulse
  • VETO input
DT993 is a Desktop module housing two identical triggered pulse generators.
The module produces NIM/TTL (NIM/TTL selection is performed via an on-board switch) and ECL pulses whose width ranges from 50 ns to 10 s when triggered. Output pulses are provided normal and negated. Timers can be re-triggered with the pulse end marker signal, a short pulse occurring at the end of each output pulse.
The coarse adjustment of the output width is provided via a 9-position rotary switch, the fine adjustment can be performed via either 15 turn dial handle (with lock) or by providing an external voltage.
The trigger START can be provided via either an external signal (NIM, TTL or ECL) or manually via a front panel switch.
The module features also VETO and RESET input signals. RESET is also avaible on a front panel switch.
DT993 is equipped with LEMO 00 connectors for NIM/TTL signals and male pin couples for ECL signals.

DT993 is also available in VME form factor (V993C) and NIM form factor (N93B).