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Universal Multichannel System

Universal Multichannel Power Supply System are entirely developed by CAEN based on mainframes housing dedicated boards and they show features which can be useful in particular situations. Tipically when there is the need of high density of channels (up to 768 Channels per Mainframe) and the need of mixing high voltage and low voltage power supply boards in the same crate the CAEN mainframe systems are the best choice to keep your power supply system compact. An other critical factor that brings the attention to this solution is the advanced control that can be established between the user and the system. It's based on a OPC server software which can be easily integrated in the userµs SCADA and DCS, allowing an easy communication with the mainframe through ethernet connection, allowing the monitor and the setting of all the parameters of interest. When all or some of these requests are met, then the Universal Power Supply System is a cost effective solution. Modularity, flexibility and reliability are the key-points of its design, enabling this module to meet the requirements needed in a wide range of experimental conditions, which range from those of LHC experiments, where the features of this model find prior application, to those of other less challenging, but still demanding, High Energy Physics experiments.