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Educational Kit
CAEN enters the world of learning and training by providing modern physics experiments for University advanced labs based on the latest technologies and instrumentation.
CAEN brings the experience acquired in more than 35 years of collaboration with the High Energy & Nuclear Physics community into the University educational laboratories.
The goal is to inspire students and guide them towards the analysis and comprehension of different physics phenomena with a series of experiments based on state-of-the art technologies, instruments and methods.

Educational Experiments

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A wide range of modern physics experiments for University andvanced labs based on the latest technologies and instrumentation

Educational Kits

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A modern, digital and flexible platform developed by CAEN for teaching the fundamentals of Statistics & Nuclear and Modern Physics

Educational Handbook

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  • γ Spectroscopy: from system linearity to radiation absorption, Photonuclear and Compton Scattering cross sections
  • β Spectroscopy: from energy spectrum to thickness measurements
  • Cosmic rays: from cosmic rays detection to cosmic vertical flux measurement
  • Photon detection: light distribution and single photon detection
  • Radiation-Matter Interaction: from scintillating materials to absorber materials comparison
  • Nuclear Imaging: from positron annihilation detection to two-dimensional reconstruction and spatial resolution of a radioactive source
  • Real Energy spectrum emulation
  • Advanced Statistics