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We are so excited and proud to introduce you our latest instruments and electronics! You can choose to read online the CAEN New products selection or download a copy. You can also share the document on twitter, linkedin and over email by clicking on the menu a the bottom of the viewer.


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1Ch 2.6kV 500µA

The A7526DB is a compact digital controlled power supply to provide stable and noiseless power for several kinds of detectors.


FERS-5200 DAQ Software

Janus is an open source software for the control and readout of FERS‐5200 boards. Available in two versions (Ver. 5202, Ver. 5203).


64 Ch Preamplifier

The A1429 is ideally suited for single or double sided multi-strip silicon detectors as well as for multi-channel detectors with common Bias.


Cosmic Hunter

Cosmic Hunter is a new educational tool for the analysis and comprehension of cosmic rays based on SiPM detectors and plastic scintillating tiles


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