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SiPM remotization cable (0.7 m) for A5253


  • SiPM remotization cables for A5202/DT5202 boards
  • Low signal degradation and attenuation guaranteed
  • A5253 kit: A5253 adapter with 64 A5261 cables


The A5261 is a cable assembly allowing the remotization of SiPMs read out by A5202/DT5202 boards. The A5261 cables are terminated on both sides by AMPMODU type 102241-1 connectors, coupling to the AMPMODU type 3-102203-4 3-pin connectors installed on the A5253 FERS-5200 adapter. Each A5261 cable brings three lines (anode, cathode and ground), allowing to both read out and bias a single remotized SiPM.

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Code Description
WA5261XAAAAA A5261 – SiPM remotization cable (0.7 m) for A5253   RoHS


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